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Founded in July 2018 with a registered capitalof 20 million yuan, Beijing Origingene-tech biotechnology co., ltd. is ahigh-tech company integrating R&D, production, sales and service, and hasbuilt a first-class in vitro diagnosis registration and industrialtransformation platform in China.


In the process of product listing and enterpriseexpansion, the review center of Beijing Municipal Drug Administration andTongzhou District Drug Administration provided us with guidance from productfiling and production organization throughout the process. Beijing DrugAdministration also opened a green channel for environmental monitoring of ourclean plant, led by the director of the Drug Inspection Institute, directorJiang of the testing room and the business elite made on-site testing inperson, and issued a report urgently.It has been reported that our productshave been put into operation smoothly. At present, our products have been transportedto more than ten provinces in China, including Hubei Province, and invested inepidemic prevention and control.In this process, we are very grateful toBeijing and Tongzhou government departments at all levels for their guidanceand help, the upstream and downstream supply chain enterprises will succeed, sothat we can overcome the difficulties together, and do our best for theepidemic prevention and control work!


Company is located in Beijing Zhong Guan Cun science park, tongzhou Lian Dong U Gu, a total construction area of 2000 squaremeters, according to the 《medical equipment production and the quality control standard》" and "《medical equipment production and the quality control standard for theappendix in vitro diagnostic reagent》, claim on theconstruction of about 1000 square meters production workshop, thousands andthousands of clean area of about 500 square meters, including moleculardiagnosis and immune diagnostic products 2 production lines, annual output of10 million doses of diagnostic reagents production scale.Company research anddevelopment and quality testing laboratory in strict accordance with thestandards of the PCR lab for design and build, from clean respectively set uptowards the direction of the pollution of reagent preparation room, sampleroom, the PCR amplification product room, analysis room, each room has thebuffer room and independent, exhaust system, different goods pass through thetransfer window of the room, material entering and waste are set up independentchannel is carried out.


The company has established a scientific and perfect operation and managementsystem, has a complete quality assurance system and a perfect after-salesservice system, always adheres to the goal of "serving human health",carries forward the spirit of good faith and cooperation, self-improvement,pioneering and progressive, and constantly innovates, so as to contribute tothe improvement of China's national diagnosis industry level.
When that will be coronavirus the news of theoutbreak, which has been continuous fighting SARS, influenza a (H1N1) virus,people, MERS H7N9 virus outbreak team have abandoned the vacation, afterseveral days of continuous fighting, developed a few products of the companyprovides the new virus in the diagnosis of integration solutions, which will becoronavirus multiple fluorescent quantitative PCR kits, for will be coronavirusaccurate diagnosis;The "Chang An Yuan"novel coronavirus inactivatedtube can inactivate rapidly and ensure the safety of detection personnel."SuAn Yuan" virus collection inactivated extraction integrated tube, blockaerosol and cross contamination, reduce the difficulty of detection, detectionspeed.

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